SL28x - 30mm  . Velotechnic OD-1 . Carbon Spokes
SL28x - 30mm  . Velotechnic OD-1 . Carbon Spokes
SL28x - 30mm  . Velotechnic OD-1 . Carbon Spokes

SL28x - 30mm . Velotechnic OD-1 . Carbon Spokes

Carbon Spokes Wheels 30mm
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SLX Series - 30mm Tubeless Clincher 

Velotechnic OD-1 Black
Front 18 Rear 21

Titanium Hybrid

Velotechnic Proprietary Carbon Spokes

Type Pressure
90psi to 125psi 

Total Weight
1300g (+/-30g)

Contents include Front & Rear Wheels, Brake Pads (rim brakes), Rim Tapes, Quick Release Skewers (rim brakes) & Wheel Bag.  

VELOTECHNIC OD-1 Carbon Spokes

Carbon Spoke

  • SL28x-"X"treme light weight high strength uni-directional carbon fibre layup
  • OD-1 Carbon Spokes with Nipples - 3.2g ea vs. Sapim CX Ray with alloy nipples - 4.8g ea 
  • Machine constructed as opposed to manual labour using hand wrap
  • Each carbon spoke measures over 500kgf in tensile strength stress test 
  • Alloy end fittings bond to the carbon spoke remain intact even tested over half of tonne of tensile stress 
  • Carbon spokes are stiffer and flex little when they are built under tension into a wheelset which translate to better lateral and torque stiffness
  • Carbon fibre has natural dampening properties which absorb road buzzs and vibrations which means you can ride longer with them! 
  • Less spoke count (Front 18 / Rear 21) allows weight savings of over 120g per wheelset. 
  • Drive side spokes are tensioned over 150kgf 

 Carbon Spokes


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