Steel Bearings

Steel Bearings

High Load Chromium Steel Bearings
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High Precision Radial Steel Bearings For All Velotechnic Hubs 

Location Size Hub Model Quantity (pcs)
Front Hub  6802 DS1, DS2 & OD-1  2
Front Hub 17287 DS1-D, DS2-D 2
Rear Hub Shell DS  18307 All Rear Hubs
Rear Hub Shell NDS  17287 All Rear Hubs
Rear Hub Shell NDS  15267 OD-1 1
Freehub Outer  17287 DS1
Freehub Inner 6803 DS2 2
Freehub Outer 6902 DS2 1
Sleeve Bearing All Rear Hub 1

Bearing is an important element of cycling as they reduce friction, enhances the movements between two spinning objects and also importantly, provides the enjoyment we want. 

We do not offer ceramic bearings in this selection as we feel it is not really beneficial except it could be just another excuse to dig into the consumers' wallets. However the aftermarket ceramic bearings could be fitted into our hubs with the correct sizes.  

Rather it is more crucial in our design to use bearings of an adequate size / type so that they are not subjected to overload. Very often undersize bearings are used in the bid to save a few grams so it may look more attractive to the buyer. 

However in our design, we prefer to use the right bearing sizes for the application. And yes, they are just a few grams more than the more common smaller sizes used. When the bearings are not subjected to overload, one will find that they become even smoother after many uses when they are worn-in.