Velotechnic DS hubs are designed and built with the attributes of Strength, Stability, Stiffness and Smoothness to give the best riding experience whilst remaining affordable. They are designed & engineered in Singapore with our own exclusive moulds.

   Velotechnic Road Bike Hubs

Custom anodise colours are available (Very limited sets)

The front hub design is elegantly simple compared to the complexities of a rear hub. However, it provides crucial stiffness and stability to the front wheel, felt especially during cornering, sprinting hard, or climbing out of the saddle.
The DS2 (Rim Brake) front hub has a strong 15mm diameter hardened axle while the DS2D (Disc Brake) has a massive 17mm diameter thru’axle , eliminating flex. The distances & the P.C.D. of the flanges provide wide bracing spoke angles for lateral wheel stiffness and stability. Precise hub adjustment is easily achieved with the pre-load threaded collar to optimise bearing stiffness. Lastly, the DS front hub shell is thicker for added strength and stiffness.

<< REAR HUB >>
The rear hub takes the brunt of the load so we have designed it carefully to easily handle heavyweight riders, high power output, and different huge forces, both laterally & radially. Many “weight weenie” hubs lack the properties of our hubs, which possess the key performance properties of Strength, Stability, Stiffness & Smoothness.


// the capacity of the hubs to withstand great force or pressure.
  • A cold-forged hub shell makes it both tougher and stronger.
  • Our oversized axles withstand any flexes from riders' output under huge pressures, while our high load bearings perform efficiently even under strong pedal load.
  • The freehub’s German-made sleeve bearings have superior load spreading compared to ball bearings.
Hubs Oversize Axle


// the quality of the wheels not to deflect sideways under load.

Front Hub -

  • Front hub flanges are designed for extra-wide bracing angles.
  • Rear hub flanges balance the optimal tension ratio vs bracing angle.
  • A wider spoke bracing angle (see pictures) forms a virtual triangle with a wider base and improves the stability of the wheel.
Rear Hub -
  • Since the DS flange is limited by the cassette freehub, we designed it to move away from the centre line as much as we can since every millimetre count. 
  • However, as the left flange moves away from the centre line, the left spokes’ tensions decrease proportionally while keeping the wheel dished.
  • The left flange is placed at a distance to balance of bracing angle vs tension ratio.

Velotechnic hubs are designed one of the most optimal bracing angles vs tension ratios amongst its competition which is an important factor for wheels to be built with lateral stiffness and stability. 

      Wide Hub Flanges


      // Quality of the parts not to bend under load

        • Rear hub oversized axle with added diameters at critical juncture between hub shell & free hub reduces cantilevering flex

        • Rear axle diameter (Left - 17mm - 18mm - 20mm - 15mm - Right)

        • Oversized bearings provide continual performance under load

        • German-made sleeve bearings at inner free hub has ultra low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance and virtually unbreakable under all riding conditions

          Velotechnic Parts



           // not impeded by creating friction; smooth / low drag.

            • The ultra-low friction drive mechanism has been uniquely designed with magnetic pawls and a 42 point ratchet ring.

            • 4 magnetic pawls provide super fast engagements

            • 8.57 degrees engagement 

            • Low friction & high wear resistance sleeve bearings

            • High precision chromium steel bearings


              Easily, one of the lowest drag hubs..  We dare say.


              Be sure to read here to know the improvements of the DS2 (2nd version of our DS series)