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Manuals & Instructions for Velotechnic DS Hubs

THANK YOU for choosing Velotechnic DS hubs! We are confident that these hubs will exceed your expectations for performance. We designed these hubs specifically for riders’ needs and durability for many riding miles. For the ease of routine maintenance, no special tools will be required.

The Velotechnic DS hubs are manufactured by cold forging aluminium billets and lathe with high precision CNC machines. The drive mechanism uses 4 unique magnetic pawls for an ultra-low friction drive system. We select the bearing sizes and design the axle to maximise strength & stiffness. Both front & rear hubs contain bearing preload collar which can be set for optimal bearing load. These hubs will exhibit exceptional smoothness from their first use and it will continue to improve after some rides as the bearings & drive mechanism start to wear-in.

We created this instruction manual to be as concise and easy to understand best as we could. While great care and (tonnes of) corrections were taken during the composition of this manual, we apologise if errors such as typo or numerical errors are still found. We hope you will find this manual helpful and enjoyable as much as we enjoy writing it!


  1. The Velotechnic hubs are designed to be used with quick release for most modern rim brake road bikes with 100mm width spacing front fork and 130mm frame spacing spec. Using other widths spacing are up to your own risk.
  2. The Velotechnic DS1D hubs are designed to be used with Thru' Axle for most modern disc brake bikes with 100mm width spacing front fork and 142mm frame spacing spec. Using other widths spacing are up to your own risk.
  3. For any reasons should the hubs fail to function properly or cease to spin, please stop using them immediately and bring to a qualified mechanic for checks.
  4. LUBRICATE the free hub body, pawls and ratchet ring with very low viscous grease / oil only. We use Dumonde Tech freehub lubricants. The magnetic pawls are designed with room to fall back into a closed position between engagements. The wrong type of grease such as high viscous grease can prevent the pawls from engaging the ratchet ring resulting in lost of engagement and pedal control. Heavy grease can also coat the magnets in the pawls rendering weaker or no attraction to the ratchet ring which causes slippages between engagements and result in lost of control.
  5. DO NOT APPLY DEGREASER to clean the cassette on the free hub body or any parts of the hubs. Chemicals from the degreaser can penetrate the interiors of the hubs and bearings, damaging the lubricants protecting them and cause pre-mature rust and corrosion.

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