Limited Warranty


We manufacture our hubs using high precision machines, tools and methods to ensure only the best quality from the production land in our customers’ hands. We would rather not sell anywhere if we found any unsatisfaction in our products.

All maintenance, assembly, disassembly and wheel building with the Velotechnic DS1 should be done by qualified personnel only.

Wheel Angel Singapore Pte Ltd
warranties the original owner of Velotechnic DS1 hubs with receipt or proof of purchase, under normal and intended usage to be free from manufacture & workmanship defects with the following period for the specific parts of the hubs.

Hub Body

TWO Years from date of purchase


End Caps

Preload Collar

Free Hub


Pawl Springs

Ratchet Rings


SIX months from date of purchase

Not limited to the conditions below, all warranties are not covered by:

  1. Lack of maintenance
  2. Water / chemical contamination & damage
  3. Damages from repairs, assembly & disassembly & wheel building works by unqualified personnel
  4. Lost of smoothness in bearings due to contamination, rust, corrosion or similar factors.
  5. Corrosion on any parts of the hubs.
  6. Wear and tear, abuse, and using the product other than for its original intent.
  7. Variation in colour tones for all parts.
  8. Discolouration

In the event of a warranty claim….

Contact us or your local bike shop where you purchased these hubs. Produce the original receipt or invoice stating the date of purchase and the defective parts.

The customer will bear all postage cost to us should there be a need for us to retrieve the defective product / parts. Wheel Angel Singapore will bear the postage cost at equal value or higher value during than the postage cost during the original date of purchase.

If the warranty claim is deemed valid, Wheel Angel Singapore Pte Ltd will repair or replace the defective part with an identical, updated or similar part. The customer will understand and bear all responsible if,

  • The return postage to us is lost, untraceable or damage during freight.
  • Replacement parts being not available where in such a case, we may need to replace with a similar or refurbish part.
  • All reasonable amount of lead time needed to replace and / or repair the defective parts.
  • All original parts which has been replaced will become the property of Wheel Angel Singapore Pte Ltd.

The repaired or replaced product will be continued to be warranted for the remaining period of the original warranty.


All transactions made with Wheel Angel will be in accordance to the governing rule and law of Singapore. Any further disputes arising will be settled in a court of law in Singapore.


Wheel Angel is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the customer's personal information and undertakes not to divulge any of the customers' personal information to any third party without the prior written consent of the customer. Customers' particulars are solely for the purposes of completing sales transactions or for other legitimate purposes.


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