About Us

Welcome to our website. We are a subsidiary brand of Wheel Angel, Singapore.

Velotechnic was founded with a mission statement - to make quality cycling products more affordable to riders. Quality is a generic word used to define any company's products but here we explain the term - we want to design and manufacture our products to excel in the principal functions in accordance with the riders' demands. Our goals for you is not to own a brand that appears frequently in the media ads but we want you to achieve outstanding results with our products.

Owing to media influence, many of us were made to believe that the best products stands on the other end of the price spectrum. Some of these labels cost sky-high yet they lacked significant performance. 

In contrast, we prefer to gain our customer's confidence through the actual benefits of Velotechnic products. We spent time and effort to research new technology and design, with explaination on the TECH page - even if we have to unveil certain secrets of our own

We believe that customers are for life and over the years we made friends with many of you. Customer service plays a vital role besides good products. Follow us on our social media at Facebook and Instagram. Drop us a message should you like to enquire anything.

All the best from,
Velotechnic Team