Velotechnic DS2 Front & Rear Hub Set
Velotechnic DS2 Front & Rear Hub Set

Velotechnic DS2 Front & Rear Hub Set

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Velotechnic DS2 hubs are designed around the attributes of Strength, Stiffness, Stability and Smoothness to give the best riding experiences while being affordable. Designed & engineered in Singapore, they are created with our own exclusive molds.

The front hub design is elegantly simple compared to the complexities of a rear hub. However, it provides crucial stiffness and stability to the front wheel, felt especially during cornering, sprinting hard, or climbing out of the saddle.

The DS2 front hub has a strong 15mm diameter hardened axle while the DS2-D has a massive 17mm diameter thru’axle , eliminating flex. The distances & the P.C.D. of the flanges provide wide bracing spoke angles for lateral wheel stiffness and stability. Precise hub adjustment is easily achieved with the pre-load threaded collar to optimise bearing stiffness. Lastly, the DS front hub shell is thicker for added strength and stiffness.

<< REAR HUB >>

The rear hub takes the brunt of the load so we have designed it to easily handle heavyweight riders, high torque, and different huge forces, both laterally & radially. Many “weight weenie” hubs lack the properties of our hubs, which possess the key performance properties of Strength, Stability, Stiffness & Smoothness.


Front Hub

Centre to flange (mm)  37.0mm
Flange Diameter (PCD -mm)  39.0mm
Weight (g)  113g

Rear Hub

Centre to DS flange (mm)  17.0mm
Centre to NDS flange (mm)  36.5mm
DS Flange Diameter (PCD - mm)  57.0mm
NDS Flange Diameter (PCD - mm)  41.0mm
Weight (g)  265g